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Our Oncology business has been established worldwide with standard therapy products for cancer, such as ENDOXAN (cyclophosphamide), HOLOXAN (ifosfamide), and UROMITEXAN (mesna), for over 40 years. This product range has been steadily expanded to include, ONKOTRONE (mitoxantrone), BLEOMYCIN (Bleomycin) and others, some only available regionally.

The long-term objective is to help improve the treatment of cancer patients worldwide through the development, production, marketing, and sale of new, improved products in close cooperation with physicians, pharmacists, other care personnel, renowned scientists, organizations and associations, and with committed partner companies.

7th Edition of Drug Interactions available

2nd Edition Selected Schedules in the Therapy of Childhood Cancers available

17th Edition of Selected Schedules Part I and II available

5th Edition of Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Agents available